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Hey everyone, I LOVE how all of you are continuing to write and I do love
the pieces that you come up with (Yes, I read every single one of them!).
Keep up the great work. I would also like it, and this is optional of course,
if the members could possibly write some wintery pieces or some works about
Christmas. It would really bring in the winter feel to the group and I think it
would be rather fun for everyone, yes? Again, tis a completely optional thing.
Keep the wonderful writing coming, everyone!
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Hidden Spirit
"Alone...dead...what I feel inside.
Tired...worn out...what my body cries.
Isolation...this has become my friend.
All of a loop with no end."
Would one know this when looking at the outside shell? Even glancing inside the eyes wouldn't give a clue to tell. You wouldn't be able to tell that a world of dark is tying to kill off the light. You wouldn't be able to see a soul running away in fright. With such a facade, it's a wonder that even fake emotion comes through. But, the facade hols strong, making this "happy" emotion seem true.
"Screams...shouts...all unheard.
Absolute darkness...has me in its grip.
Pain...something that no longer burns.
Silence...all that is heard...all that I give."
What happened to a soul to alive? Why is it dying on the inside? Chains bind this soul, holding it down. It's been swallowed into the darkness, no longer can it be found. However, what doesn't kill makes one stronger. And, this soul, is one hell of a fighter. So, the facade shall soon fad
:iconegyptiansilk:EgyptianSilk 4 0
Forgive Me
Forgive me for the pain I've put you through.
Forgive me for all the drama I've caused for you.
Forgive me for hiding away when you reached out your hand.
Forgive me for leaving you alone, in the dark, to stand.
I did not mean to hurt you this way.
I feel your pain from then to this day.
Forgive me, cherished one, for hurting your precious heart.
The one you gave freely to me that I keep next to my heart.
Forgive me for I am ever sorry.
If not today, tomorrow, or even when we're both in our fifties,
I hope that one day…someday…you can truly forgive me.
:iconegyptiansilk:EgyptianSilk 2 0
Why? Why do you continue to love me when I can feel the pain I'm causing your heart? Why? Why are you still here when what we had fell apart? I know...I know each day I spend with him pushes you further away. I can see how your heart slowly decays. The heart you gave to me so long ago, it seems, is beating with no life. Knowing that I am the cause of what you now feel...makes me cry.
Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't seem like enough. Actually, I don't think that anything I do will ever be enough. But, I truly am sorry for putting you through this. I'm trying to think of ways to fix it. Sometimes, I think it would be easier if communication with you and I just ceased. But then...we could have to pretend that what we had...have...didn't exist.
Why? Why do you just accept the constant state that you're in? Why? Why haven't you just taken off and run? I don't think I truly understand what goes through your mind and soul. Then again...maybe I understand it...not in the pieces you show me...but
:iconegyptiansilk:EgyptianSilk 2 0
A New Leaf
Taken for granted, used and like a gold mine.
She's played with like a toy to pass the time.
Unappreciated and continuously beat down,
She's in a place that can't be found.
For anyone else, a brave face is put on.
But, the only thing here is a sad song.
One may catch a glimmer of what is hidden...
A glimmer that only lasts for a second.
Then, each dull thought, each hindered emotion
Is placed in a tower to fester, decay, and become nonexistent.
Bright by brick, stone after stone
This tower climbers higher upon these bones.
Solid, black rock soon reaches it peak.
It's filled to the brim with dark disease.
In the very pit of this pain filled place
Lives a monster with a blood lust taste.
However, this tower built so long ago
Is coming down brick by brick, stone by stone.
As sunlight rains, in the dark the monster runs away.
It only moves to hide but never shall it fade.
But even with the toxic monster lurking about,
Life is better and much sweeter now.
The tower has vanished, the sun
:iconegyptiansilk:EgyptianSilk 2 0
In my Eyes
the world
in my eyes
is grey, there seems to be no right.
no white
if its to other people in my opinion it would be
all black.
is   falling
        not   randomly
but its hard to tell.
and we have a few
under our umbrellas
wheres the
we vowed to keep?
why do we turn? back to back?
when all we need
is eachother?
the storm is inside as well as out.
inside me and all round too.
the    what i     though,      secure world
turning to deep puddles
beneath our feat
we sink..
pushed out
into nothingness
a few
sat on the edge,
:iconshiningssky:Shiningssky 2 1
Soul Seeking
  As all
 Others therein;
  First step onward,
   The journey leads
  Inward and forward;
    All life shall end,
   Benign, it may seem,
    We believe all life
   Exists within a dream;
   On mystic wine
  Inspiration is drawn,
   The first steps
 Start within
  The self.
  Though not
 To believe;
  As the eye
   Can fool minds
  With mind's eye;
    The perception of all
   Leads away from hope,
    As forever is martyred
   For mankind to cope;
   Though not wise,
  Few shall try
   Not to placate;
 They deceive
  Until we
:iconria-davies:Ria-Davies 7 11
She got what she deserved...
My mind was corrupted by malicious jealousy;
drowned in regret, and tormented by her ecstasy.
Bitter I was, filled with pure anguish and hate,
disgusted and tortured by our analogous trait.
Lividness was ripping and wrenching at my soul;
abhorrent at the horde of lies she'd told to make you whole.  
Brutally suffering in agony and despair,
I viciously sliced with envy, knowing regret he and I would share.
How mistaken and selfish I was to utilise myself,
thinking my grief was damage to him, and not anyone else.
Anxiety and tears filled the eyes of those so dear,
but they never tried to stop the pain, even though it was my fear.  
I locked myself away, and just stared at my reflection;
scowling at my evident mistake, and every imperfection.
What was done was done; I couldn't change it if I wanted to.
I could only forget my years of heartache, and somehow start anew.
I thought the name written in my scars would always remain;
reminding me of my misery, and the help I
:iconwyntera7:wyntera7 51 78
Solitude is
Absence is not darkness,
only the channels between
islands of light lining streets,
a golden figure seen
from breathy steps.
Solitude is a seven-starred cape,
black pavements pass like minutes
The alleys of isolation stretch
and gape, with well-lit limits.
:iconpenessence:Penessence 100 49
The Great Waste
Germany could have
invaded Poland.
Austria had just
posted drunken pics,
Thirty seconds ago!
So the Nazis shrank in empty clicks
Before a bluish glow.
The Allies could have
met them.
America had just
poked Portugal,
in a fit of virtual lust.
So the two only wrote on each other's walls
And typing; crumbled to dust.
Imagine the long years
of history lost,
to a whole new branch
of opiate.
But never mind about this.
You are hardly listening at all.
Because The Adolf Hitler:
is eating a sandwich LOL.
:iconpenessence:Penessence 85 96
Sailor Astera by daekazu Sailor Astera :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,245 70
Debt of Nature
I was asleep, while the evening passed
And I woke in the scent of thick wet grass
Among those fragrant flowers and stones
I alone; thought of empty bones
That huddled under the thick wet grass.
Those now spent shells; of a battlefield long
And treacherous in that those who were strong
Were braving the winter to feel more pain
As the snows came again
And loved guns crashed on a battlefield long.
So quickly then, it was I who rose
From my forgotten corner; just suppose
In that electric eve and damp
Their bodies dull and rank
Grieving they retched awake; just suppose.
:iconpenessence:Penessence 33 18
You don't need to put your hair up
To show you wear a crown
You don't need to paint your face up
To make my walls fall down
You don't need a Wonderbra
To let your sexy shine
You don't need gold or diamonds
To tell the world you're fine
You don't need designer clothes
To prove that you have class
You don't need to know Houdini
To make the magic last
All you need is your sweet love
To be the woman I dream of.
:iconcrowhesghost:crowhesghost 139 113
Swaying in the breeze
It's come from over seas
But wind that's traveled far and wide
Is cursed to never live inside
:iconfriesaregood:friesaregood 2 1
Haunted_Ship by GrimDreamArt Haunted_Ship :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 2,130 322
Christmas 2004
There were many things that Christmas
I will never understand
As I lay on the beach I dropped my hand
From the page and watched the wheeling gulls
Bother the folk on the pristine shore
And the boats with blinding hulls.
There were many things that Christmas
I had never seen before
I thought nothing then of the ocean floor,
But minutes away and under the surf
At crushing depths a blossoming curse,
Had burst forth from the earth.
There were many things that Christmas
I will never see again
I planted my feet on the boiling grain
And made for the sterile health of the waves
Which whirled just so to make you feel
The brochures were right; the sea was safe.
There were many things that Christmas
I will never understand
And seeing those acres of yawning sand
Covered in seaweed, fish and rock
I did not run- run from what?
I only stared in shock.
:iconpenessence:Penessence 27 14
Harvey Finevoice VS Lucy steel
"A woman?
... well there was Lucy I guess.
Now I know what you lot are all thinking, this is gonna be a story of the lowly henchman falling for the daughter of the boss eh? But no, Big Boy never had any daughters and I can tell you that no amount of love would give me the balls it would take to stand against big boy.
So, you think, it will be a hooker with a heart of gold story then? But no, you are wrong again, my Lucy was neither a whore nor a fancy lady, she was a bartender and she had a backbone of steel. She was the lone female in big boy's bar. Now everyone had a crush on her, she was drop dead gorgeous, could drink any man under the table, more intelligent than half the men in the joint combined, and could handle a tommy better than all of them. Yep she was the full package and no one could get with her, the amount of hearts she stepped on and squished against the wooden floor behind that bar can't even be counted anymore and boy did she know how to throw guys on a loop. She wou
:icongaykeyboardwarrior:GayKeyboardWarrior 4 6






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